Whipped Body Creme

Whipped Body Butter Creme consists of natural ingredients free of all parabens, formaldehyde, phylates, laureths, petroleum and artificial colourants. These products are made in small batches, ensuring quality with each one.

Coconut Oil -An excellent moisturizer and helps keep the skin's natural moisture in check.  There are many studies showing that coconut oil contains natural disinfectant and antimicrobial properties.  Coconut oil is seen as a "must have" for skincare.

Shea Butter - A natural and gentle moisturizer, used for years as a cream for babies and those with sensitive skin.  A deep moisturizer that helps with the appearance and rejuvenation of the skin's cells.  Also an anti-inflammatory and contains beneficial antioxidants.  Psoriasis and eczema sufferers can find relief with the continued use of Shea Butter.

Beeswax- Helps lock in moisture, creating soft smooth skin.  An excellent natural anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory and full of antioxidants.  Used to help heal, soothe and protect acne-prone skin.  Beeswax is a rich emollient that helps boost the benefits of the shea butter and coconut oil in this recipe.

Vitamin E - Used as a natural preservative, it helps slow the breakdown of the natural ingredients.  Vitamin E is a well known antoxidant that helps repair and protect the skin.

Twine Abode is proud to say that all ingredients, packaging and labels for this product are purchased from Canadian companies.  We are proud to shop and support local businesses.

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