• Bee Pure Food Wraps(3pack)

Bee Pure Food Wraps(3pack)


Bee Pure Apitherapy.

The Large size is great for wrapping bread, sandwiches, bowls plates and small casserole dishes!


The eco friendly wrap is made from %100 organic cotton infused with Organic Beeswax, Tree Resin and Organic Jojoba oil. It is reusable, naturally antibacterial and extremely easy to use and clean with a life span of a year or longer! 


10% of each Bee Pure Food Wrap sold, will go towards International Justice Missions and saving victims from slavery. 


To Clean:

Use Cold water and a mild soap. Let air dry and pack away or use again immediately!


*Note - colours and designs vary. Wraps shipped may not be the same colours or design as what is shown in the picture.



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