Pink Moon Jewelry

As a child I was fascinated with stones. I used to wander the neighborhood collecting them and would secretly "borrow" my dad’s hammer and smash them until they cracked open, hoping to find the one that held the crystal or sparkling treasure inside. As I grew up, my love for stones and crystals continued but it wasn't until I became a mother of two that I decided to “borrow” my dad’s hammer again and start Pink Moon Jewelry.

Inspired by the natural elements of semi-precious gemstones, Pink Moon seeks to create modern yet classic jewelry.  Each piece is handcrafted in my small home studio with a focus on minimalist design, allowing the stones to take center stage.  

I strive to create meaning and a connection to each individual piece whether it's a gift for a special occasion or an expression of one's self. But what’s most important to me is that you find your own personal connection in each design.          

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