One Love Vintage Key Ball & Chain Locket Necklace

Made in Vancouver BC by One Thing Lockets

Each locket holds a message from someone new to show how valuable and connected each person is. Keep their message if it resonates with you. Or write & wear the ONE THING that moves, empowers, heals you as a little reminder to yourself. Gift a message if someone else needs it too.

Necklace Length:

This necklace is 32 inches long. It can easily be shortened because of the Ball Chain Clasp at the back. You can cut the chain at any length you like and clasp the Ball Chain anywhere. See image below

Handmade in Canada with:

    • Pure, Non-allergenic Brass from Turkey & Israel
    • Genuine Swarovski Crystals from Austria
    • Pyrex glass, "Message In A Bottle" packaging from USA
    • Cotton vellum "My One Thing Is" message paper from USA

Thoughtfully curated, ethically built, community-driven.
10-25% of every purchase goes to programs that help Mothers with Postpartum Depression & to other isolated communities who need our love.

  • $28.00