August Péridot Crystal Soaps

Handcrafted Locally in Vancouver by August Peridot Shop

August Péridot crystal soaps are handcrafted in Vancouver, using natural ingredients and essential oils. We make five crystal types with unique essential oil blends that complement stone properties. Our pure natural vegetable soaps are filled with moisturizing oils, shea butter, and glycerin, along with cleansing clays and Himalayan salt. We are passionate about making soap that is good for you and our planet.

 What's in each crystal soap? Each crystal soap by August Péridot is 100% pure natural glycerin soap, GMO-free, 20% kosher-glycerine added, hypo-allergenic, non-comedogenic, and biodegradable. There are no detergents, no surfactants, no sulphates, or no alcohol. These crystal soaps contain no sugar solutions. It is vegan, meaning that it has not been tested on animals and includes no animal products. These crystal soaps contain food-grade plant-derived oils farmed from sustainable growers. Palm oil is from companies that comply with RSPO.

This product will be shipped wrapped in plastic for protection but the true beauty is revealed when unwrapped and the soap crystal shines in the light.

size range from:

Xsmall 35g

Small 52g

Medium 82g

large 116g

Xlarge 146


  • $12.00